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Climbing holds for kids

Conform with EN12572 and EN71/3

Wierd Footholds

Mondo Number Jugs

Mondo Sea Life Jugs

Automobile Mini Jugs

Dual Handed Arrow Jugs

Mondo Animal Safari Jugs

Punctation Footholds

Topology Jugs

Mini Alpha Jugs

Notes on setting routes

  • Orientate the holds with the hand and foot symbols facing up.
  • Beginners like to use two hands on one hold, so use as many two-handed holds as possible e.g. Animals, Number Jugs, and Arrows.
  • For traverses: top 2/3rd hand holds, bottom 1/3rd should have footholds. Follow the guide above for the number of holds and distance between them.
  • For vertical climbs, follow the distribution guide above for positioning the correct number of hand and footholds on the wall.

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